The Dead Telegraph, Dogged As Ignorance: Full Playlist

Outline of General Principles 

℘ ∩ ς  Waking to altered environs
ψ ø ζ  The dispensation of sacred favors
ℑ ∴ ℵ  A walk among the flowers, dust and children

A refinement of possibilities.
The secrets inside of your memory.                                                                 
In sunlight, the consecration of humble things.

ξ ω τ  A study in greens and blues
ß δ  The hidden appeal of chaos and confusion
∂ σ ℜ  Breath and the countenance of desire

Commemoration of blessed events.
Vistas viewed in reverse.
A jigger of uncertainty in the analysis.                                                           

TDT Year-To-Date

  • Ecstatic
  • Terrified
  • Etc.

Circular modes of operation.
Anxiety coursing through the blood, expressed as motion and artifact.
Best remembered in measured doses.

Reaching back to someplace familiar.
The establishment of accepted tolerances and concomitant limits.

Learning the ways of the indigenous fauna.
The role of hair products in human reproduction.

Irrespective of one’s skepticism, the creature is in fact both alive and dead.


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