Among hundreds recorded by Dead Telegraph, the titles below are considered *finished*. Except where noted, most were recorded at home in ProTools and bounced directly to Mac.

Rendition, originally titled ‘Extraordinary Rendition,’ features the first keyboards recorded by TDT.

Isotope was recorded on 4-track in a 250-square-foot walkup tenement flat in NYC’s Lower East Side.

C’mon Christine is TDT’s first vocal outing, and was recorded in the fifth circle of Hell.

Storms On The Face Of The Sun was written around a forgotten vocal line that didn’t make the cut. It should be played very loudly.

Ghost The Kids is a bit raw, and way off the reservation. Should TDT work further on this track? Should they not?

New tracks emerge according to a schedule that has yet to be codified. If you find yourself growing anxious or irritable, subscribe to the TDT newsletter for bonus tracks, news, and heretofore unrivaled levels of intimate band contact. Huzzah.

  1. C'mon Christine The Dead Telegraph 3:36
  2. Rendition The Dead Telegraph 2:59
  3. Show Me The Steps The Dead Telegraph 3:42
  4. Storms On The Face Of The Sun The Dead Telegraph 4:55
  5. Wee Finn (Flowers For Suzy) The Dead Telegraph 4:07
  6. Overtaken The Dead Telegraph 3:53
  7. Coelacanth The Dead Telegraph 4:08
  8. Ghost The Kids // 4-Track The Dead Telegraph 1:20
  9. Travelling By Air The Dead Telegraph 3:08
  10. Damage Liability Waiver The Dead Telegraph 2:32
  11. Black Sidewalk The Dead Telegraph 3:38
  12. Isotope // 4-Track The Dead Telegraph 4:30
  13. Another Cafecito The Dead Telegraph 3:58

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